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Resilience couture……

Listen before I begin probably one of the best fashion blogs you will ever read. Let me first start off with a disclaimer if you are looking for one of those don’t wear yellow poka dots and pink stripes together blogs , Sis this is probably not the thread for you. Now, that we’ve got that out the way. Not only am I valued customer of Resilience Couture but I am also thankful to write about my experience with Resilience  and the meaning behind this bran` d. How could you not be pulled in to a name like this? Resilience –bounce back from everything meant to tear you down, Couture –be fly af while you do it . Ok so maybe that’s not the Webster’s definition.. Well aren’t you boogie? Moving forward, when you wear a piece of clothing that piece should help you embody your true nature you know your authenticness because that’s a word. Your uniqueness should shine through no matter what the occasion. I can only speak from experience so let’s talk about the way Resilience Couture has not only enhanced my essence but allowed me to totally embody the meaning of the brand. See like any other Queen I have a story a story that starts a little like this... There was a girl who didn’t value herself let alone understand what the word value even meant. This girl goes through life learning that what she was truly looking for was within her. See we find ourselves searching outside of us for our truth that we are so afraid to really go with in and truly heal.  OK so how are you going to tie this into the brand Resilience, well watch this like I stated previously Resilience (not the Webster’s Definition) bounce back from everything meant to tear you down Contour be Fly af while you do it I ‘m a firm believer that the first impression you will ever leave on someone is your appearance and of course we aren’t the type of women who worry about what someone thinks but it’s always nice to hear that you are the best dressed and your personality matches. Resilience is a word of empowerment it’s a force to be reckoned with. When this brand touches your body it helps you to see who you are and what you are all about. As I myself had to embody my ultimate purpose I’ve come to terms that  my presentation is one that has to exude strength and direction when I meet with my clients they always compliment me on how confident I am and how empowered I help them become. I thank Resilience Couture for assisting me in this because I literally don’t wear anything outside of this brand.   What I want  you to take away from this thread is the experience you get with a brand that stands for everything and the ultimate satisfaction of knowing that you are as resilient as the next person standing beside you but you are truly fly af while you do it .


The Soulful Life Coach-